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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Long Island NY- Don’t miss your chance for the ultimate protection breed!

So you think that cute German Shepherd puppies for sale is for you? Before you take a German Shepherd for a pet, take a look at some of the most notable personality traits for the German Shepherd Dog. The German Shepherd is one of our absolute favorites to place with both big families and single people alike! This loyal breed makes a great addition to any home. If you want to check out our floppy-eared German Shepherd puppies for sale in Long Island NY, just click here!

A German Shepherd is a dog fit for both militaries uses and for personal protection. It is smart, active and eager to please. This dog is also protective and versatile which is why it is the best police dog yet. This dog is heroic in looks, but a puppy at heart. The German Shepherd comes in a number of colors but the most common is a combination of black, tan and brown colors.

Here are some German Shepherd facts that you should know:

  • This dog is very low maintenance and does not require any regular grooming routine except for brushing to keep its coat clean and healthy. A German Shepherd could shed so vacuuming indoors is a must.
  • This dog is one of the easiest to train. It requires very little repetition to be able to master tricks and commands. It can retain a large number of commands and perform them excellently.
  • The German Shepherd is one of the best watch dogs since it will bark and growl when there is danger and if there is an intruder. It will defend its owner and his family from any danger.
  • This dog is one of the active breeds so be sure to have a regular schedule for exercise and play.
  • This dog breed needs consistency and is not ideal for someone who has never trained a dog before. It can be good with kids and is very playful with other pets.

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