Laura Fertile

I had been searching around the Long Island area puppy stores for quite some time and finally came to The Puppy Store. I immediately knew the experience was going to be different when I came in. The place was decorated for the holidays and the staff greeted me and my daughter right away without any pressure. Their kennels were clean, well lit, and all the puppies had enough space. I noticed the kennel staff was really on top of anything the puppies needed. If a puppy went to the bathroom, it was noticed immediately and there was no typical “dog smell” here. When I began asking questions they were very upfront with me and had all the information and documentation that I needed. The store thoroughly reviews the training with you and sets you up with an ideal schedule to help you and your puppy adjust to one another. I also noticed that they only sold the GOOD dog food brands. None of the cheaper, unhealthy/safe brands which I truly appreciated. After I purchased my dog, I received a coupon for the grooming department and decided to take my new puppy in. I was nervous to leave my puppy for the first time but the grooming department was quick, and my puppy looked excellent! I also brought my older chow chow in and he got the perfect haircut and left wagging his tail! As many of you reading may know, chow chows arent the easiest breeds to groom. I was impressed! I highly recommend The Puppy Store if you are considering purchasing a puppy, or for grooming! Very happy client, thank you 🙂