Leanna Torts

The Puppy Store,,,, The Best Puppy Store on Long Island.. I purchased a Morkie from them on 12/13/15 …i dealt with a man named Jeff first he was very helpful showed us all different types of puppies… he wasn’t pushy or nasty like some reviews that i read….these people were great to deal with … then there is Rob . Rob walked me through the training process with my pup.. he told me if i do what they said with the training for 2 weeks i will not have to crate the pup..and in 2 weeks my Morkie “Gino” is free to roam the house..it feels like we had him with us for years……. so when you read some of the reviews from some of these people that said bad reviews.. you need to check it out for yourself…i went to a lot of pet stores from Brooklyn into Queens and even Long Island That had great reviews and found out for myself that it was garbage…. SO IF YOU WANT HONESTY AND A GREAT PUPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY GOTO “THE PUPPY STORE”